How to Make a Smarter Team

Dropping by to see Heather and check on the progress of her agency’s growth, I discovered no one at the front desk. Odd. Shortly, a young lady in leotards came out and introduced herself and said …

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Have you CAPped Your Capabilities?

We live in a world in which consumers are increasingly using the Internet and other electronic media to not only do research on insurance but also to purchase it.  I know this is obvious to you.

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How to Stay in Balance!

I find that most of us agency owners are not financiers.  We are sales and marketing types usually and view accounting as a necessary evil at best.  Consequently, we often don’t pay a lot of …

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More Accounting Advice – How to Stay in Business!

So, if you’ve got decent financial statements either from an agency automation system, or a third party accountant, how do you know you’re OK?  Here are some great rules of thumb, which if you follow …

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McKinsey & Company Round Two

Last time I wrote about the recently published McKinsey & Company report on the future of the independent insurance agency.  If you missed it, please go back and read the post and then report …

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McKinsey & Company Report

McKinsey & Company is perhaps the largest management consulting firm in the world.  Two-thirds of the Fortune 1000 use their services including most, if not all, of our insurance companies.  They …

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Should You Buy an Insurance Agency?

Last time I gave you eight reasons to consider purchasing another insurance agency or book of business.  In this post I’d like to discuss a few things to make sure you consider before embarking on a …

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Consider These Things Before Buying An Insurance Agency

Agencies are bought and sold every day. Before you buy an agency, there are many things to consider before you know if it’s really right for you. I’m going to discuss some important things to …

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Are Two Small Disasters Better Than One Big One?

In the middle part of the United States we have frequent “Cat” losses due to wind storms, hail and the like.  While these get brief and histrionic media attention, the real TV news bonanzas seem to …

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Which is Worse?

Kind of a negative start to this blog, eh?

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