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Has Work-From-Home Run Its Course?

Leveraging Memberships to Boost Business, Improve Community

Questions to Ask Before Starting an Independent Insurance Agency



Stronger Together



Coronavirus in Oklahoma: Tapstone restructures debt and insurance agents donate to Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance made a $10,000 donation to IIAO Insurance Foundation as part of an emergency community support grant to help independent insurance agents give back to their local community during the COVID-19 crisis, they recently announced.



Dan Sullivan's Mindset Podcast

Entrepreneur Tony Caldwell, whose company helps insurance agencies run their businesses more efficiently, has taken steps so that his company is actually operating at a higher level right now than it was at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. Find out the attitudes, mindsets, and communication he’s used in these potentially scary times to grow his business and the businesses of his clients.



Agency best practices when navigating a crisis



Outlook 2020: Karen Youngblood believes more shouldn't fear to fail

After more than 14 years at the University of Central Oklahoma, Karen Youngblood made a career move to become the chief learning officer at One Agents Alliance in 2019.


3 Steps To Prepare Your Insurance Agency to Go Viral

Insurance agencies across the United States have so far taken a varied approach to the coronavirus pandemic. Some, either by state mandate or individual caution, have gone fully virtual over the last few weeks, asking all employees to shelter at home and work remotely. 


COVID Proof Your Agency

This new eBook describes how to take an agency virtual and how to plan, prepare and manage an agency to minimize disruption, avoid loss of income and prepare for the future during the crisis. At the end of each chapter, readers will find actions the authors believe are most important to take now to ensure success.


Emergency Support Grants

OAA has raised over $82,000 for Oklahoma area food banks.


The Coronavirus and Its Impact

Like other businesses across the country, independent insurance agencies are facing the COVID-19 outbreak with one eye on the health and safety of family and friends and the other on the future of their business. And that future may very well depend on how effective they were in planning for the days, weeks and months ahead.