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Named among the best places to work multiple years!

One Agents Alliance, one of Oklahoma City’s Top 15 Fastest Growing Companies, gives independent insurance agents the tools they need to instantly become big.

As OAA continues to boom, there are many different opportunities available. Our newly remodeled modern office is located in the historic Automobile Alley in the heart of the city.

Keep a look out for coming opportunities or contact us today. Send a cover letter and resume to

Open Positions


About OAA

When OAA’s founder, Tony Caldwell, started the company more than 20 years ago, it was because he saw so many independent agents getting swallowed up by massive agencies. It seemed like there had to be a way for small, independent insurance agents to maintain their self-reliance and freedom without sacrificing the benefits of a strong network of providers.

The solution to that problem was OAA: a network of truly independent agents that provides each agent with size and stability. Today, OAA invites new members to join the team. We work with independent agents who want to expand as well as captive agents who are ready to launch their careers as independent agents. We also work with a growing number of established agents who want to see significant growth before they retire and sell their agencies to someone new.