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Membership Benefits

When an independent insurance agent joins OAA, you become a part of a team of people who understand you and your goals. Your growth supports theirs, and their growth supports yours.
This is how you strengthen your agency!


OAA offers stability. Our profit-sharing system provides security for independent insurance agents who are accustomed to doing everything on their own.

The Agency Foundation provides training and support to agents no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are. For every agent who joins OAA, we offer the tools they need to make connections, build their agency and increase their profits.


Independent insurance agents often work on their own because they want to be their own bosses, but then they find themselves disconnected from other agents and from important opportunities for growth.

OAA provides these agents with access to competitive insurance providers as well as the opportunities to participate in exciting training and education programs, including agency development, success coaches and business insurance opportunities.

Financial Security

Joining OAA means improving your financial security! You will earn higher commissions, participate in effective profit sharing, and increase agency income and value.

Independent insurance agents with OAA are eligible for local, regional and national incentives through OAA and SIAA as well as lowered expenses overall.


The Full List of Benefits

  • Increase your agency income & value
  • Enjoy higher commissions
  • Participate in regional incentives & profit
  • Lower expenses
  • Studio access
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Programs & specialty markets to help you grow
  • Training & education opportunities
  • Carrier access
  • Document, template, & process library
  • New tools to grow your agency
  • Size & stability
  • Access to higher income opportunities
  • Premium financing service
  • Profit sharing
  • Join in SIAA national incentives
  • Gain access to competitive companies
  • Work with a coach & our proprietary Agency Foundation Framework
  • Excess & surplus lines & opportunities

Start growing your independent insurance agency today.

We want to see you succeed. That is why we provide countless services, benefits and opportunities to every single independent insurance agency that joins the OAA network.

OAA is a supportive family of experienced agents who offer their expertise and security to the community of members.

Start growing your independent insurance agency through OAA’s profit-sharing system, incentive programs and unique coaching opportunities. We have been helping independent-minded agents make connections and accomplish their goals for 20 years!

Questions? We have answers.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below, but please don’t hesitate
to contact us with any additional questions or concerns about OAA or membership with us. 

What can I expect after joining OAA?

What are the requirements to join OAA?

How do I join OAA?

What are the revenue opportunities?

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Join OAA today.

Whether you are ready to start a new, growth-driven agency or you are currently part of an established agency ready to make the leap to independence, we can support you.

We also work with experienced agents who are ready to increase their profits and grow their businesses so that they are in the prime position to sell.