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Joining OAA provides independent insurance agents with the connections they need to meet their goals.

Some people join because they are ready to start brand-new, growth-driven agencies, while others are prepared to transform their existing businesses into independent agencies. Still others have the goal of growing their agencies in order to sell them.

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Why Join OAA?

Independent insurance agents work on their own because they want the benefit of making all their own decisions. However, independent agents often find themselves working alone, without support and without access to some of the biggest and most profitable carriers in the nation. OAA changes all of that.

When an independent insurance agent joins OAA, they still get all the benefits of being independent, but now they have the support of a whole network of agents.

OAA members don’t just experience an increase in agency income and value, but they also receive bonuses, participate in profit sharing and take part in specialized training programs.

We provide a home to “captive agents” who are looking to become independent as well as independent agents who are ready for the support of a great network.

OAA understands agents’ and carriers’ needs. We provide opportunities for independent agents to break into markets they never thought were accessible to small vendors.

We are the one solution for the independent insurance agent.

In the past, independent agents had to learn everything on their own, but OAA offers high-quality coaching from experienced agents.

With OAA, independent insurance agents no longer have to struggle to gain access to carriers because the nation’s top carriers view OAA’s members as valued partners.

Our education programs, including the Agency Foundation Program and the Business Insurance Advantage Program, provide independent insurance agent members with the knowledge needed to get new clients, reduce expenses, increase revenues and much more.

You, the independent insurance agent, are no longer marketing on your own because an OAA membership gives you access to marketing databases and tools that non-members don’t have.

Independent insurance agents can see big changes by gaining access to more carriers, joining Associates Premium Finance Company and finding ways to increase revenue.

Start growing your independent insurance agency today.

OAA believes in collaboration because collaboration makes a world of difference when it comes to growing your independent insurance agency. Instead of selling insurance, we leave that up to our members. That’s because we are busy doing what we love to do: providing management expertise, meaningful partnerships with other agencies and access to profit-sharing revenue.

You can start growing your independent insurance agency today by joining OAA. You get to experience all the benefits of independence without the drawbacks. Make your own decisions, control your future and partner with OAA to grow your independent agency.

Questions? We have answers.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below, but please don’t hesitate
to contact us with any additional questions or concerns about OAA or membership with us. 

How do I join OAA?

Start here to join OAA. Once you fill out some information about you and your agency, we will be in touch to complete your application for membership.

What are the revenue opportunities?

OAA provides you with significant opportunities to increase revenue. One of the first things our new members notice is their ability to work with some of the nation’s largest insurance carriers that previously wouldn’t give them the time of day. As an OAA member, you are considered by these carriers to be a valuable partner, and you immediately can begin to increase revenues through these relationships. 

Our coaching program helps you identify revenue opportunities. We provide higher income opportunities, regional incentives and profit-sharing within our network, and increased stability. 

Marketing tools allow you to find new clients, and we provide training and educational opportunities so that you never stop learning about ways to increase your revenues and cut your costs.  

What are the requirements to join OAA?

OAA membership is for both independent and captive agents wanting to grow their agencies into profitable, stable income sources.

What can I expect after joining OAA?

Once you join OAA, you immediately will gain access to all of OAA’s benefits. You will have access to training, carrier connections, networking opportunities, marketing support and much more.

One of the most important things you will have access to is our unique coaching program! While many organizations claim to offer coaching services, we are the only ones who offer this kind of in-depth, one-on-one and informed coaching. 

Once you join, you will be able to be coached by our experienced industry coaches who will get to know you, your agency and your goals in order to create a development plan that will help you reach those goals. 

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About OAA

When OAA’s founder, Tony Caldwell, started the company 20 years ago, it was because he saw so many independent agents getting swallowed up by massive agencies. It seemed like there had to be a way for small, independent insurance agents to maintain their self-reliance and freedom without sacrificing the benefits of a strong network of providers

The solution to that problem was OAA: a network of truly independent agents that provides each agent with size and stability. Today, OAA invites new members to join the team. We work with independent agents who want to expand as well as captive agents who are ready to launch their careers as independent agents. We also work with the growing number of established agents who want to see significant growth before they retire and sell their agencies to someone new.

OAA is passionate about helping our members’ dreams come true. We believe in providing growth opportunities to hard-working, self-sufficient and forward-thinking agents like you.