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Training for Success

Training for Established Agencies

Whether you’re an experienced agent or just starting out, OAA membership gives you access to the best training and education programs in the industry, providing individualized services that are unique to your agency and your needs, including coaching and mentorship.

Training for New Agencies

New, as well as experienced agents can take part in QuickSTART from SIAA, and new agents will especially value Agency Foundation, with its emphasis on positioning your agency for success.

Every day, OAA helps independent insurance agents improve their agencies in order to see their dreams come true.

Training and Education for New Agencies

Growing an agency from the ground up takes more than hard work. You need a strong, knowledgeable foundation. The Agency Foundation of SIAA, part of OAA’s proven education program, is a program focused on mentoring, consulting, automation, education, and training to help you build your new agency and make the right start on your path to success. And OAA gives members access to SIAA’s innovative QuickSTART program.

You’ll be provided with:

  • An AccessPlus mentor who will coach you in the first 90 days on rating tools, underwriting guidelines and writing new business
  • An agency development field specialist to help you in the development of your agency during the first six months to get you up and running – in person, by phone, through webinars and online meetings
  • An agency checklist to guide you through the first eight weeks of Agency Foundation. You’ll learn about systems, processes, sales and marketing.
  • The steps to setting up an independent agency – a document to walk you through the “little things” you need to know, as well as standard agency processes and procedures.
  • The website, with ratings and management systems offering you multiple industry-leading companies to increase your agency’s productivity and business
  • Training & Learning Center courses designed specifically for SIAA members who are new to the independent agency system.

Continuing, Timely Training for Experienced Agents

There’s always more to learn, even for experienced agents. Are you looking for new revenue opportunities? What about improving your skills? And then there’s growing your agency’s value. 

Marketing is important. Build your marketing savvy with SIAA Marketing, an exclusive marketing and advertising division dedicated to supporting all levels of SIAA member agencies and initiatives.

OAA’s top-tier coaching program is designed to help you accomplish your goals. Even if you’re someone who’s been working in insurance for decades, we’re here to support you. 

The mentor/mentee relationship is a proven method for ensuring success in countless industries and endeavors. Join OAA now for access to a mentoring and coaching program designed by licensed insurance agents. We understand the unique challenges of working independently, finding and keeping clients, marketing, and keeping up with industry developments. 

Why go it alone? Take advantage of the support of our experienced coaches and proven coaching system and take your agency to the next level.