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February 4, 2020

Eliminate Things to Create Growth

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Every good gardener knows you have to prune to grow a beautiful rose bush or a fabulous tomato plant. The same thing is true with your business. As we get busier, we find that what we do every day just becomes a collection of habits.

Be Efficient with Your Habits

A lot of times those habits were things that you needed to do in the past you no longer need to do in the future. But, it's your habit as you keep doing. So those who want to make continuous progress and grow rapidly, continually sit down with themselves and ask, "how could someone else be doing some of what I'm doing?" 

Applying this to Your Insurance Agency

The way I look at this is I want work done in our organization by the person who is best suited to do it at the lowest cost. What I've found is, the agency owners that get trapped or stopped in their progress are making a lot of money as a producer of insurance, but they're doing work, they could hire someone else at a much lower rate to do.

They haven't recognized that and they haven't made that shift. They're still doing things they could hire done much, much less expensively. What that lack of pruning does to them is it stops their growth.

It not only stops their growth, but it stunts their future.


Be Efficient with Your Deadlines

Well, I think successful people, highly effective are people who give themselves short deadlines. You know, work is said expands to fit the time you give it so give it less time. When you give something less time you still get it done. But now you have this surplus of time on your hands, that you can do even more things. So, it's really about being efficient and efficiency begins with challenging yourself to do things faster, to do them quickly, and then to give things that you don't need to do to someone else to take care