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OAA was formed twenty years ago with one main goal: help independent insurance agents become more successful by creating opportunities for them to join together as a network. A supportive community of agents can accomplish more than any one agent on their own!

Our members’ testimonials speak for themselves: joining OAA makes a world of difference in the experiences and income levels of all of our members. We love getting to see our members reach new milestones and accomplish their goals!

Questions? We have answers.

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We would love to talk with you and answer any of your questions about OAA membership or benefits. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and give us a call if there is something we didn’t cover!

What can I expect after joining OAA?

When members join OAA, they get immediate access to all OAA benefits. This includes training, carrier connections, networking opportunities, marketing support and profit sharing.

These benefits also include our unique coaching program. We are excited to offer this truly one-of-a-kind service. One-on-one and informed coaching will connect you with experienced industry coaches who will get to know you, your agency and your goals in order to create a development plan that will help you reach those goals.

What are the requirements to join OAA?

OAA membership is for both independent and captive agents wanting to grow their agencies into profitable, stable income sources.

How do I join OAA?

Click here to join OAA. Once you fill out some information about you and your agency, we will be in touch to complete your application for membership.

What are the revenue opportunities?

OAA provides our agents with significant opportunities to see increased revenue. In addition to offering five layers of income, you will be able to work with some of the nation’s largest insurance carriers. As an OAA member, you are considered by these carriers to be a valuable partner, and you immediately can begin to increase revenues through these relationships. 

Additionally, our coaching system also will help you identify revenue opportunities you may not have noticed or had access to before. We provide higher income opportunities, regional incentives and profit-sharing within our network, and increased stability. 

Marketing tools allow you to find new clients, and we provide training and educational opportunities so that you never stop learning about ways to increase your revenues and cut your costs.  

Join OAA today.

Whether you are ready to start a new, growth-driven agency or you are currently part of an established agency ready to make the leap to independence, we can support you.

We also work with experienced agents who are ready to increase their profits and grow their businesses so that they are in the prime position to sell.