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Arkansas Location

More than an Insurance Aggregator

Arkansas Office

With OAA in Arkansas, our Master Agency can help both independent and captive agents gain carrier access, grow their business, and give you more than an insurance aggregator.

About OAA

OAA was born in 2000 with just one member agency (their own), ten million dollars in standard market premiums, and three insurance carriers.

In 2003, Tony and his team helped the first captive agent make the transition to successful independent, pioneering the model for helping captive agents start an independent agency from scratch.

In 2020, total number of members surpassed 180, and the total premium exceeded $500 million. In the first 18 years of business, OAA has achieved a whopping 36.6% compound annual growth rate while reinvesting for future growth. 

Now, after twenty years in business, Tony and OAA help our members earn more money per premium dollar than with any other agency partner.


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If you are an agency business owner that desires a better future, a bigger earning opportunity, increased profit margins, or are interested in an easier way to accomplish your life and business goals, then the OAA team might be a great fit for you. 

We don’t sell insurance. Our member agencies do that. OAA members remain truly independent. They always own their own book and codes.

While most independent agents aren’t large enough to wield significant leverage with carrier companies, together we maximize compensation for all of our members with advanced knowledge and combined negotiating power. 

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