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“Not a Good Fit”: Why Firing an Employee May Make Business Sense

This video and blog is part of my ongoing series covering business ownership, entrepreneurship, human resources and leadership. If you’ve ever been curious on what it takes to be an independent …

| By Tony Caldwell

Cold Hard Facts: The Truth About Starting a Business

This vlog and blog is another entry in my series about entrepreneurship, leadership and how it can apply to individuals wanting to start or continue propagating their own independent insurance …

| By Tony Caldwell

Utilizing Your Team’s Unique Abilities: Your Key to Growth as an Independent Agent

This video and blog are part of my ongoing series on leadership development and entrepreneurship as an independent insurance agent. One of the things I’ve found in my decades of experience in the …

| By Tony Caldwell

Leadership and Success: The Changing Needs of Independent Insurance Agencies

This blog and video is a continuation of my series on entrepreneurship, success and the independent insurance agent. In this piece, I’ll be discussing how to empower your agency’s employees to …

| By Tony Caldwell

Growing Insurance Agencies: Magic Numbers to Success

I get to work with dozens (in fact, over the years) hundreds of agency entrepreneurs, starting, building, growing insurance agencies in my work. Many of them have been successful. Some have not been. …

| By Tony Caldwell

5 Things to Avoid When Starting to Sell Insurance

I get to talk to lots of entrepreneurs about starting insurance agencies, and frequently the question comes up, what's the one thing I need to be successful? Frequently, however, I find it easier to …

| By Tony Caldwell
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OAA celebrates its 20th anniversary looking to the future

What's Made the Last 20 years great? OAA is 20! And as we enter into our second 20 years, I'm really excited about the future. In fact, I think the future for the independent insurance agent is …

| By Tony Caldwell
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Learn how to sell an insurance agency

It’s never too early to start thinking about succession, and this article is a part of my series on things to think about when you’re considering selling your insurance agency.

| By Tony Caldwell
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The Easy Guide to Email Marketing for Insurance Agents

The insurance industry focuses on providing solutions for individuals and businesses during difficult times. That’s why email marketing is vital during better times. It gives agents in the insurance …

| By Tony Caldwell