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Growth Agent Insight

September 03, 2019

SIAA’s Virtual Conference – The Must-Attend Event on the Future of Insurance Distribution

In 2015, I attended Peter Diamandis’ Abundance 360 conference in person and sat with people from Philadelphia and northern California who were sitting in their offices. It was my first experience …

| By OAA Admin
August 30, 2019

SIAA Presents IA: Evolve Virtual Conference

SIAA, the largest national alliance of independent insurance agents in the U.S. will host the first-of-its kind, IA Evolve virtual conference for independent agencies. The conference will be held on …

| By OAA Admin
August 27, 2019

Where Will They All Come From?

Referrals on Clipboard. Office Desk with a Lot of Office Supplies. 3d Rendering. Blurred and Toned Illustration.

| By OAA Admin
August 20, 2019

Are You a Juvenile Delinquent?

The founder of Patagonia sportswear, a $750 million-dollar company started from scratch in 1973, has an interesting take on what it means to be an entrepreneur. He says, “if you want to understand …

| By OAA Admin
August 16, 2019

OAA Presents the First OAA Humanitarian Awards

On May 1, 2019 at OAA’s IGNITE Success Celebration the first OAA Humanitarian Awards were presented to two members who have selflessly served their community and the people around them. Along with …

| By OAA Admin
August 15, 2019

Welcome New Members!

Over the last few months OAA has welcomed a few new members into the OAA family! With their membership, these agencies represent the most competitive insurance companies in the industry, increase …

| By OAA Admin
August 13, 2019

"Feed My Sheep"

Delegate - Wooden 3D rendered letters/message. Can be used for an online banner ad or a print postcard.

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August 06, 2019

The Role Pricing Place in Marketing Your Agency

For years I’ve written and spoken about the damage the comparative rater has done to the independent agency business model. In my opinion, raters have served to destroy agent capability as “trusted …

| By OAA Admin
July 30, 2019

Brand Your Insurance Agency to Build Connection, Trust and Revenue

When you see the words, “Coca Cola,” they mean something. Yes, it’s the name of a soda brand, but those two words also have an emotional impact. You might remember the 1971 commercial with the song, …

| By Tony Caldwell
July 30, 2019

The Critical Importance of Branding

Branding Core Principles as a Concept Abstract

| By OAA Admin