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August 8, 2013

Want to Dramatically Increase Your Business?

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Well of course you do!

In the insurance agency business, this means selling more insurance.  A lot more.  Whether you focus on personal lines, commercial lines or both, who do you really sell to?  People naturally.

One of the hallmarks of salespeople is that we like to talk. That’s a problem in sales generally because so do our customers!  And, people really don’t want to listen to sales pitches. This has never been more true than it is today with customers who have never been more sophisticated.

What people really want is to be understood.

And the way you ensure that people know that you understand them, their problems, needs or opportunities is to listen.  Not talk.

Really, the key to sales success in the 21st century is not to be charming, funny or entertaining.  It’s not to be interesting!

To make the most of your sales career you must be interested! Interested in what the other person is saying, in their life, in their fears, their opportunities and their strengths.  So, don’t be interesting, be interested!