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January 6, 2015

Moonshot Thinking

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Do you ever think about all the impossible things we enjoy?  For example, how in the world do we manage to communicate, create and recreate on a 6-ounce piece of technology called a “smart phone”?  How are we able to go from Los Angeles to New York, a journey of six months in six hours?  How can we give our customers quotes with ten insurance companies in ten minutes?

All of these things were impossible not too long ago!

How is a company like Whatsapp able to create a financial growth rate in the hundreds of thousands of percent annually when most of us are happy with ten per cent?  Is it possible to grow our own futures, whatever we are interested in them being, 10 times instead of 2 times?

What is the key to doing the impossible?

"There's so many challenges in the world, and you could feel daunted by that...or, you can say, how might we think differently about this? Even if you don't really 100% believe something IS possible, have the courage to try. That's how the greatest things have happened. When you find your passion, you're unstoppable"

  • Megan Smith (formerly of Google, now Chief Technology Officer of the United States)

What are the challenges you face in your business today that require a new way of thinking?  What are the dreams that you have for your life that seem out of reach?  What is seemingly impossible for you?

Maybe you need to embrace “Moonshot Thinking”…

For more on that, the power of thinking “outside the box” and an incredibly motivational three minutes and forty five seconds go here:

Happy, and incredibly productive, New Year!