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September 15, 2015

The Trump Effect

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Topic: Insurance Agency Growth Strategies Grow an Agency

Since my wife is a political consultant and constant discussion of politics is a spectator sport in our family I have been fascinated watching the rise of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate.

As you know, most news media and political pundits wrote him off as a joke from the very beginning.  They are currently shocked and scratching their heads at his current success.  I think his meteoric rise in the polls is perfectly understandable and, in fact, quite expected.


People always respond positively to someone who is confident and knows where he is going.  History has shown this to be true, even if the person’s motives are misguided or evil.  Confidence, clarity and certainty are key ingredients in leadership.  Donald Trump is attractive in large part because he is unequivocal in his positions, clear in his direction and seemingly immune from being pulled one way or the other to please or pander.

A leader leads.  He does not follow the crowd or say only what people want to hear.  Trump has proven to be an effective, if somewhat obnoxious, leader in business.  He is now applying his leadership skills in politics, with spectacular results.  It’s a valuable lesson for anyone in business.

Regardless of the size of our businesses, the number of people we employ or the number of our customers, confidence is always attractive.  A leader who projects confidence through commitment to achieving his goals will be more successful than someone who does not.

How about you?  Are you clear about what you want to achieve?  Do you consistently remind those around you the direction you are heading?  Do you have easily understood and personally committed goals?  Are you a figure of strength and certainty to those around you?

If you are - congratulations!  Keep doing this critically important part of business leadership.  But if you are not - don’t despair.  You can start becoming the leader you need to be in your very next conversation, team meeting or customer appointment.  Any time you interact with others, project clarity and certainty, and communicate with confidence.  It works for Donald Trump, and it can work for you!