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7 Tips to Improve Insurance Agency Retention

We’re in the business of selling insurance, rght? So, who is the easiest person to sell insurance to? An existing customer, of course! But, in the day-to-day running of our insurance agencies we’re …

| By Tony Caldwell

Pssst! Wanna Know the Secret to Survival?

I know. This is supposed to be a blog about “growing” an independent insurance agency.  What’s all this survival doom and gloom?

| By OAA Admin

Nurture Customers on Autopilot

We’ve been talking about the value of putting your new business marketing on autopilot.  The same benefits of using an autopilot (CRM program) to sell new customers should be used to communicate …

| By OAA Admin

More Autopilot Marketing

Last time I talked about putting your marketing on autopilot.   I’d like to visit with you about a couple of techniques for doing that. 

| By OAA Admin

Autopilot Marketing

One of the problems in growing an insurance agency is once we run out of friends, family and our Christmas card list, where do we find new customers? 

| By OAA Admin

Are You A Real Business?

I was visiting with one of our members recently about the progress they were making in building their agency.  They were doing something interesting with their office space I thought I’d share with …

| By OAA Admin

The Case for Service Centers

During a recent blog series I took a look at the true cost of hiring a producer.  I’d like to take a similar swing at the cost of customer service representatives.  Not to criticize anyone but more …

| By OAA Admin

Have You Taken a Look at Your Office Lately?

I have been out visiting agencies lately.  And I have been very impressed by some of the insurance agency offices I have been in!  I’ve been to quite a few that made me just a bit jealous.  I’d like …

| By OAA Admin

You've Got to Spend Money to Make Money

Any businessperson will tell you that the title of this post is a lot of crap!

| By OAA Admin