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June 13, 2013

Have You Taken a Look at Your Office Lately?

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Topic: Insurance Agency Management Insurance Agency Growth Strategies

I have been out visiting agencies lately.  And I have been very impressed by some of the insurance agency offices I have been in!  I’ve been to quite a few that made me just a bit jealous.  I’d like to work there!

I’ve also been in a few that, to be kind, should be firebombed. 

So, I asked myself, what does our office look like?  We’ve been in our location for fifteen years.  We’ve recarpeted once but it’s been a few years since the racetrack coffee stain appeared in the hallway.  How long has the coffee bar door been hanging open?  Where did that peeling wall paper come from?

Hey, don’t laugh!  I’m not alone…

Did you know that toilet seats aren’t supposed to be white and brown?  St. Paul was bought out by Traveler’s a decade ago, so what’s up with that plaque?  When was the last time those ceiling tiles got changed?  Shag carpet, mauve furniture, cheap paneling and typewriters went out a long time ago too.  Piles of paper, dust, stained furniture and miscellaneous crap everywhere were never in style. 

So, what does a crappy office say about the owner of the agency?  That he’s cheap?  Broke?  Retired?  Sloppy?  Doesn’t pay attention to detail? 

How does that affect the attitude towards the agency of insurance company reps and customers?  Not exactly confidence inspiring is it?

If you’ve got one of those nice offices let me congratulate you!  If yours is a little dog eared it’s time for some paint, carpet and spring cleaning.  Your agency’s value not to mention your staff’s spirits will reward you for the effort and investment!