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June 4, 2013

Really Good Customer Service

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If you’ve been reading this blog a while you may know that I’m a pilot and I own a couple of airplanes.  But I don’t insure them.  Someone in my office argued that I should but I think aviation insurance is complicated and specialized enough that I’m just not comfortable being my own brain surgeon.

And I have one of the best insurance agents in the world handling my account (by the way I know what I’m talking about – our company OAA is a partner in nearly 100 agencies)!

How do I know he’s one of the best?  Here is what he does for me:

  • He gives me very good advice, sometimes it’s not what I want to hear
  • He gives me multiple options on every renewal
  • He returns my calls the same day, every time
  • He returns my emails the same way
  • He sends me information from time to time he thinks I’ll be interested in
  • He sends me a regular newsletter
  • He doesn’t screw up my billing

OK, so a lot of this is par for the course.  But it’s a good checklist (pilot slang!) for any of us to make sure we’re hitting the basics.

But where he really shines is when you have a claim.  Unfortunately, as a plane owner and president of a flying club I’ve participated in several. In every case:

  • He’s been available to take the claim information personally, even after hours
  • He follows up, regularly, to be sure the claim is being handled properly
  • He advocates with the carrier when they don’t handle the claim well
  • He follows up after the claim to make sure I’m happy

He always asks “is there anything else I can do for you?”  His attitude is whatever it takes. 

I’ve watched his business grow dramatically over several years.  It gives me great satisfaction to see him become more and more successful! 

Oh, by the way, his office is 1500 miles away from my home and we have never met.  But I consider him a friend. 

How many of your customers feel that way about you? 

If you need aviation insurance, or an example of great customer care, call my agent Alejandro Galioto at True Course Aviation Insurance Services, Inc. at (805)727-4222!