COVID-19 Edition: The Future pt. 2

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The other evening, I attended a virtual town hall with Congressman Tom Cole of Oklahoma. Tom talked for nearly five minutes, reciting fact after fact about how great the United States economy was right up until the middle of March. It reminded me that we are enormously blessed and had so many things going for us, right up until the Coronavirus began to strike seriously. And you know whatwe still do.

The future pt 2 - fb 4k


We have a wonderful future in front of us because this isn't going to last forever. But most people right now don't think that way. They're sucked into a vortex of blackness based on all the bad news. That's a choice, and it's one you don't have to make. As agents, and as agency owners, your income is secure. You can continue to operate your business and keep your people employed if you will go virtual and keep yourself safe from infection. While you're doing that, you can also lead, not only your employees but your clients. You can help them understand that we will come through this and we will have those days with the kind of statistics congressman Cole mentioned again in the future, helping to create a bigger future. A future for your clients and employees is step one, in making sure that your future is as bright as it should be. Something to think about.