COVID 19 Edition: The Future pt. 1

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I don't know what you're focused on but it's very easy today, in the time of tremendously bad news with the coronavirus, to get sucked into a vortex of bad news and worry. I think that's where many people are and it's only natural. Everything's closed, tens of thousands and probably millions of people are being laid off. Everyone's uncertain about the future. As my coach Dan Sullivan says, "For many people, there is no future. The future they once imagined just a few short days ago has disappeared." But the truth is we do have a future and particularly if you're an insurance agency owner– you have a secure income and you're going to get through this economically.

The Future Pt. 1 - fb 4k



Now's the time to focus on realizing that you have a bigger future. Some of your competitors are simply not going to make it through. Not for financial reasons but other reasons, and I'm not referring to being sick here either. In terms of attitude and what they think about for their future, they're in a state of degradation and perhaps destruction. You, on the other hand, if you have optimism and you plan, and you're dreaming about your future, it will be very bright.

One of the things you can do to assure that wonderful future is to remind your employees, and especially your clients, that we're all going to come through this together. That will deepen a relationship while building capability. You will find that you're focused on something positive, not negative, and your creativity and your progress will flow. Something to think about.