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May 14, 2013

The Office

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No, I’m not talking about the hit show on NBC.  I’m referring to the place where you work.  What’s it like?  What’s it say about you?  What’s a great choice for a new agency?

As I visit with our nearly 90 member insurance agencies I get a chance to see a lot of ideas about what an insurance agency ought to look like.  I’m pleased to tell you that most of what I see is well located, professional and projects an air that would give any prospect or customer confidence in the agency.

Sometimes though I’m a little disappointed.

I’ve seen dirty, cluttered, smelly, impossible to find places, which aren’t very inviting or confidence, inspiring.  Sometimes there’s no agency office at all! 

The office where you receive people says volumes about you.  But it’s often expensive to make the impression you’d like, especially when you are just starting out.   One agency I visited recently had a beautiful, professional and relatively old idea for solving these issues.

They were located in an office executive suite. 

These places have been around for a long time and are located in most metro areas.  They offer very nice office space, a receptionist, conference facilities and usually a full complement of office machinery.  Tenants have short term, flexible leases and only rent the space they need. 

They offer incredible flexibility to a new agency!  But they make the agency appear to be very professional.  As the agency grows from the founder additional offices can be rented.  Eventually, the agency will need its own space but until then they can have everything they need and very inexpensively too. 

What’s your office like?  Does it looks like your spare bedroom?  Get out of there!