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Producers and Service Centers

  “Never hire a producer until you have no other choice”. What does that mean? Most successful insurance agency owners are producers. It's possible to be a service person and then hire producers and …

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What Our Members Say

What do our members say about working with OAA? Take a few moments and read or watch what they have to say.

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To make a profit in the insurance agency business there are many things to work on. They include commission rates received from insurance companies, overhead expenses, and most of all - payroll. When …

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            I've talked before about the importance of knowing your numbers.  By this, I mean more than just your net profit percentage. Great agency owners are great business people and they spend …

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Improve Your Insurance Agency Website for Increased Revenue

In earlier posts, I’ve tried to make the point that if you don’t have a website for your agency you: 1) Aren’t really in business 2) Won’t survive So, you’ve got one right?

| By Tony Caldwell
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Data Security

I remember a few years ago when Target got hacked and tens of millions of people's personal information was stolen. A data breach came to the attention of America. I don't know about you, but my …

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Who's Running Your Business?

Insurance Agency owners are always asking me, how can I make more money on the business I'm already writing? That's a great question. I always answer that by asking a question of my own? Who's …

| By Tony Caldwell
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Do You Love It?

We live in an amazing time in the history of the world for all kinds of reasons. One of them is that at least in the United States, you can make a living doing just about anything you want. No one is …

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Danger or Opportunity?

I'm currently reading William Manchester's three-volume biography of Winston Churchill. During the 1930s, Churchill was in the political wilderness with hardly anyone paying attention to him. That …

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Eliminate Things to Create Growth

Every good gardener knows you have to prune to grow a beautiful rose bush or a fabulous tomato plant. The same thing is true with your business. As we get busier, we find that what we do every day …

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