oaa blooper reel still shot

OAA Blooper Reel

The first take is all it takes... maybe for someone in the world, but not us! Video isn't perfect. This blooper reel contains just some of the outtakes that are TOO bright, fuzzy sounding, unclear, …

| By Tony Caldwell

Momentum Builders

Wednesday September 20th, was the first Momentum Builders class put on by the Agency Development team.

| By OAA Admin

Nationwide Agents Fly In for OAA's Open House

On Wednesday August 22, Nationwide agents from Arkansas joined OAA in Oklahoma City, to learn more about a possible relationship with our organization. Nationwide Insurance plans to transition to an …

| By OAA Admin
still shot of Tony from video

Exciting New Agency Development Team Introductions [VIDEO]

The Agency Development Department continues to make strides to form the best possible team of experts for our members! Tony Caldwell, OAA CEO, has some exciting announcements to share about a couple …

| By Tony Caldwell

Circle of Excellence - Rocket Fuel

OAA's Circle of Excellence met this Wednesday for lunch and to discuss headlining industry topics. The group reviewed the outcomes of the discussions we had with all our carriers at our quarterly …

| By OAA Admin

Time for Back to School

We can't believe summer is nearing an end, and it's already time for BACK TO SCHOOL!

| By OAA Admin
video still shot of Alcorn

Making the Most of Your Membership

At OAA, we often talk about what we do that goes beyond carrier access. We want to give you the tools you need to start, grow, and make your agency as successful as it can be. Are you making the most …

| By Tony Caldwell

Help Us Light Up the Night!

~ Taking steps to make someday today ~ Today, Sara and Sammye from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Oklahoma Chapter came to share the story behind the LLS, and their annual event, The Light the …

| By OAA Admin

150th Member Celebration Lunch

Today, the OAA team had a delicious lunch together under the red umbrellas at Yucatan Taco Stand in Downtown, Oklahoma City, to celebrate reaching 150 members.

| By OAA Admin

OAA Video Studio Now Open to Members!

OAA has invested in a new video studio, stocked with equipment, sound proofing, and backdrops for our agent needs! This room is open, free for use to all members.

| By OAA Admin