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June 8, 2018

OAA Video Studio Now Open to Members!

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OAA has invested in a new video studio, stocked with equipment, sound proofing, and backdrops for our agent needs! This room is open, free for use to all members.

Production Studio for Your Access

Words from OAA's CEO, Tony "While there is a lot of written material that can be used to promote your agency, statistics indicate that video content receives much more engagement online. The fastest growing content sector is podcasting. While both of these can be compelling and effective in driving your individual brand, prospect engagement and sales most small business efforts miss the mark in terms of what consumers are interested in by a wide margin. Most videos are too long, have poor production values (poor lighting, audio, editing, etc.), or are boring.

Typical studio rental for production is several hundred dollars an hour, and post production editing costs can run several hundred additional dollars for a 30 to 60 second video. We wanted to be able to help you produce great content for your marketing without the eye watering expense. So, we have recently made an investment in our own production studio in order to have the ability for ourselves, and for you, to be able to create video and audio web content with high production values, inexpensively. Interesting and not boring are still up to you!

I’d like to invite you to take a look at our modest facilities, whenever you would like. Sam, Creative Marketer here at OAA, is also available at any time to discuss producing a video(s) or podcast with you. There is no charge for this, unless you decide to actually record something, and then it will only be at our actual cost which is about 10% of using an independent studio. If you would only like to use our facilities for recording, and do your own video shooting and post processing, the use of the studio is free!

Having a website that is mobile friendly is no longer enough to attract customers and merely writing content on Facebook isn’t either. Video and audio are where the game is today. "

If you would like to stop in and film a video for your agency, contact Samantha Cassidy, at Let us help you with your online presence!