Focus and Intentionality

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As an entrepreneur, especially one who’s growing an agency, there are so many hats you have to wear and so many things that you have to do every day, not to mention every week, that it's really hard to have focus and intentionality. But those things are really, really  important to continued success in building your business.

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One Question to Help Your Focus

To create focus for my own team, and for myself, I like to ask this question,

"What's the one thing that you could do right now that would make a difference?"


That creates both focus and intentionality.

In fact, as I think about 90 days at a time in the management of our business, I've learned to ask myself, "What is the one thing we need to get done this quarter?" If we have additional time and capability available, then I can ask myself the question, "What's the next thing?"

But we want to start with what’s the one thing. Try that and see if it doesn't accelerate your progress.