COVID-19 Edition: Team Applications

1 minute read

I have something I think you should think about as you work through all the consequences of the coronavirus, both in your personal life and in the operation of your business. And that is staying connected. As we all move to virtual environments, or to self-imposed or even governmental-imposed sheltering in place for quarantine, the sense of isolation that can come from that may be overwhelming. On the other hand, if you're prepared and use technology, you can not only avoid that but you can increase teamwork and relationships. 

team apps - fb 4k


We're using Teams, Microsoft's tool for connecting teams together to do that. You can make a video call with one click of a button. Slack also gives that capability. Zoom allows you to have meetings very easily with many people. By the way, FaceTime also gives you that capability on your iPhone. Many ways to stay face-to-face connected. The key is to be connected. We're finding in our virtual operations that it's almost as good as being in the office. If you'll do that with your team, I think you can maintain a very high level of productivity. If you'll do that with your clients, you will deepen relationships and you will set yourself up well for the future. Something to think about.