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June 30, 2015

When Was the Last Time?

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Topic: Insurance Agency Management strategy Grow an Agency

Several recent events have conspired to cause me to want to write about today’s topic.  As you know two weeks ago a psychopath, wrapped in the Stars and Bars of the confederacy murdered 9 innocent people.  A senseless act of hatred and violence nevertheless served to cause a lot of people in the south to consider whether or not the time has come for this flag to be relegated to museums instead of state houses.

The reason for the change in attitude isn’t just these murders, I think, but the belated realization that the flag’s display represents for a lot people very painful memories.  Taking it down is a good thing.  And the whole issue reminded me of a recent painful incident in our business which resulted in the unnecessary hurt of one employee because of a thoughtless remark of another.

Last week the Supreme Court of the United States said that people are entitled to marry regardless of their sex.

Yesterday, in my capacity as a Board Member of a local nonprofit, I reviewed a number of HR policies.  The reason for the review, and a number of alterations, is that some employment laws have changed, some federal standards have shifted and the old policies were now out of date.

What does all of this have to do with your agency?

Well, times change.  The law changes and so must our Human Resources policies.  All of these things remind me that we need to have written policies and procedures on a host of things related to those who work for us and that these things can get out of date very quickly!

Do you have a written HR manual?  If you don’t you must fix that right away!  We have passed the time when you could afford to be in business without one.  Today they are as necessary as a cell phone.  So, if you have never taken the time, trouble and expense to develop written policies now is the time.

But if you have done this now is the time for a review and potentially for modifications.

We live in complicated and rapidly changing times.  The demands on businesses and their owners is complex, confusing and expensive.  I know personnel policies, procedures and manuals are all of those things.  But they are also necessary.

Find a great source for yours online but be sure to have your attorney review it.  Or have your attorney write it or recommend someone who can.  Regardless of how you get there it’s time!