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I find that most entrepreneurs are doers, not thinkers. I know in my business career that I am often busy just trying to keep up. Finding time to stop and think about what I am doing, and what the future is going to present me in the way of challenges, is just about impossible.

Growth Agent Insight - The Road Less Stupid

Yet, I know that if I want my business to continue to prosper and grow, solving the problems that hold me back and thinking carefully through the opportunities that present themselves, is perhaps the most important work that I do.

Find the Time to Grow Your Business

Finding the time and creating the discipline to regularly think about the business, and to do it in a disciplined way, is my number one struggle. I must confess, my failure to do that has led over and over again to mistakes. While not fatal, these mistakes have been embarrassing and expensive. So, this is an area that I’m trying to get better at.

I was delighted recently to be given a copy of a book, which I’m finding to be enormously helpful in thinking through business issues. The title of the book is The Road Less Stupid, by serial and successful entrepreneur, Keith Cunningham. I’ve told many of my entrepreneur friends that I believe Keith’s book is going to become something like a devotional for me, and I highly recommend it to you. After all, I’ve been on the road to stupid a whole bunch of times, and the idea of being on the road less stupid is highly appealing to me. I think you’ll find reading his book easy, thought-provoking and incredibly useful.

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