Revisiting Your Goals & Business Plans

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OAA's CEO Tony Caldwell explains why July is a great time to look back and reflect and begin anew.  Watch the video to see how New Year's in July is important to your business plan.

Reflect Mid-Year to Improve Your Business

New Years in July

Reset your goals

Hi this is Tony Cadlwell with OAA. It's almost the end June, which means the second quarter will soon be behind us and we're left with six more months in the year. This is a great time to take stock.  How are you doing on your annual plan? Are production, revenue and profits on track for what you wanted them to be? Often, I find that this is a great time of the year to make a mid-course correction. It's a great time to launch a new marketing plan. It's  great time to think about putting more productive capability into the agency. 

Restart your opportunity

Every year, we have two great opportunities to start. The first is obviously January, the second one is July. What are you needing to start in your agency to take you to the next level? July is the time to do it. Have a great summer. Have a great year. Let's get started all over again with July.