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July 10, 2018

The Sink: Leaving Things Better Than We Left Them

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"What would it look like if everyone left things better than they found them, as a way of life?" This is the question we asked ourselves as the OAA team read "The Sink" by Walter Nusbaum and Daren Martin.  The Sink is the story of the small moments that make the biggest impact in our lives and our business, if only we pay attention. All it takes is one moment to transform and shift our perspective.

image of book: the sink

The OAA team read this short but powerful book and discussed ways that we can create radical change by being more intentional with our simple actions throughout the day. From supporting and reaching out to team members you may not often interact with, to cleaning up someone else's spill in the break room, we shared the daily small efforts that can make a world of difference.

S- See the need
I- Invest yourself
N- Nullify the need
K- Keep it going

Here at the OAA office, we are working toward being more aware of others' needs, cleaning up our own messes, and living every day with true intention. We recommend this book for you, your coworkers, your employees, and your business! We would love to hear what you think after reading, and what little changes you hope to make in your life!