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May 27, 2014

Our Own Milestone: $5 Billion in Sales

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I try to write here things that can be useful to owners of growing insurance agencies.  I try not to make this space an advertisement for my own business.

But, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to take an opportunity to celebrate some milestones in our organization!

My company OAA is a part of Strategic Independent Agents Alliance which is an organization devoted to the creation, retention and growth of the independent insurance agency.   Originally developed in 1983 and organized nationally beginning in 1995 SIAA has become one of the largest producers of property and casualty insurance in the world.

OAA Milestones

I want to celebrate the fact that we just hit the $5 Billion dollar mark in premium sales!  I’d also like to celebrate the fact that we 5,000 independent insurance agencies have now signed with SIAA and one of its Strategic Master Agencies like OAA.

I think this is truly remarkable.

It’s remarkable because 13% of the total independent insurance agents in the country have become members of our organization.  It’s also remarkable because collectively hardly anyone writes as much insurance.  It’s even more remarkable because SIAA has been able to deliver the benefits of the largest insurance agencies to the smallest!

I’m proud of SIAA and of OAA’s membership in it!