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August 11, 2020


As we enter the sixth month of the global COVID pandemic, some businesses have already failed and others are weakened and will fail in the next few months. In the insurance industry we've been lucky, …

| By Tony Caldwell
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August 04, 2020

Tech Companies Now Selling Insurance Overseas?

I just read an alarming article on PC360, one of the online insurance industry trade publications. The article said that ‘effective immediately Amazon will be selling automobile insurance in India’. …

| By Tony Caldwell
April 25, 2019

Old School Marketing that Still Works for Insurance Agencies Today

This quarter's Circle of Excellence round table discussion featured a presentation from Russ Lowry of Oklahoma Insurance Group on the topic of how to maximize marketing. Over a simple spread of …

| By OAA Admin
June 13, 2016

Success Celebration Awards Nearly Five Million in Profit Sharing to OAA Members!

On Thursday, June 2nd OAA hosted its 15th annual success celebration.  Over 200 attendees filled the Renaissance Waterford Marriott to participate in OAA's 15th annual Success Conference & …

| By OAA Admin
April 15, 2016

OAA Announces Commercial Coffee Breaks

OAA members are always asking about ways to drive new growth to their agency.  One of the avenues of growth is possibly writing more commercial business.  You asked us to get our carriers together to …

| By OAA Admin
December 15, 2015

Make More Happen!

August 13, 2015

OAA Grabs 7 of Top 10 Spots for Travelers!

Congratulations to Travelers Personal Lines

| By OAA Admin
May 27, 2014

Our Own Milestone: $5 Billion in Sales

I try to write here things that can be useful to owners of growing insurance agencies.  I try not to make this space an advertisement for my own business.

| By OAA Admin