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February 24, 2016

Millions and Millions and Millions

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Our outstanding agency development team has just completed an impressive and ambitious plan to help you make a lot more money in 2016 than you ever have before.

Detailed analysis by Kristi Abdo, Lonnie Hill, Amanda Wiedemann and Kimberly Swan has revealed at least $7.5 million dollars is locked up in OAA members’ books of business screaming to be set free!  Not only that, but it’s all profit, meaning that up to 75 million dollars, in today’s agency valuations, is there literally for the taking! How much of that belongs to you?

Let me explain.

OAA's Extra Profit Could Be Yours

Together we write about $80 million worth of business with non-Strategic Partner Companies (SPC’s).  If that business were moved to Strategic Partner carriers, we estimate it would generate roughly $5.6 million in increased revenue.  For some of you that means tens of thousands of dollar in extra profits!  For others, it means literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.  How much belongs to you?

Considering how much of our E&S business, as a group, is not placed with our E&S strategic partners we realize the 10% to 20% increase in commissions is worth as much as a million dollars to you.  How do you unlock those dollars?  It’s simple.  Ask Kristi or Lonnie.  They’ve got the key.

Last year, we financed $3.7 million with our finance partner, Capital Premium Finance (CPF).  No matter who you are using now, no one will pay you more. Our analysis shows there are two percent more dollars by financing with CPF.  2%!  That means another cool million dollars to all of you.

Add that all up. Over $7.5 million is missing from your bank accounts that could be there in 2016.  Not only that, but about $75 million in wealth for retirement or other purposes is missing from your personal financial statements!

How can you get your share? 


Our agency development team has the specific answers for each of your agencies.  They’ve developed a plan and their major objective for 2016 is to help you get your share.  Call them if you want to know more about it, but rest assured they will be talking to you soon.