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Learn how to sell an insurance agency

It’s never too early to start thinking about succession, and this article is a part of my series on things to think about when you’re considering selling your insurance agency.

| By Tony Caldwell

Breach and Bankruptcy, or into the Breech

Virtually every single transaction we conduct in the insurance agency business is electronic.

| By OAA Admin
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How to Find Insurance Agencies for Sale

Recently, one of my OAA members came to see me for advice on buying an insurance agency. His first question was, “Where can I find one for sale?”

| By Tony Caldwell

Want to Buy an Insurance Agency? Get Ready!

  As I wrote in my last blog, the next five years are going to be an excellent time for agents to grow their business through acquisition.  The pace of buying and selling is already feverish for …

| By OAA Admin

More on Changin’ Times

As I wrote about last time insurance companies are becoming increasingly less reliant on insurance agents for front line underwriting. The unprecedented period of remarkable profitability they have …

| By OAA Admin

The Importance of an Insurance Agency Owner Exit Strategy

In the venture capital world, where business people see every kind of business plan you can think of, one of the key elements they always look for is an exit strategy. What’s yours?

| By Tony Caldwell