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October 29, 2013

How to Make a Smarter Team

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Dropping by to see Heather and check on the progress of her agency’s growth, I discovered no one at the front desk. Odd. Shortly, a young lady in leotards came out and introduced herself and said Heather would be out in a few moments. Leotards?          

It was Friday, but leotards even on Casual Friday?

A few minutes later Heather appeared, in leotards, out of breath and apologetic for having us wait.  She also apologized for her dress (which was not necessary) and explained that she and her team had been working out.  Working out in the office!  What a terrific idea!

As we visited, Heather told me that she had decided to improve her health with proper eating and exercise. Now, this is something that most of us talk about and some of us even attempt. We are barraged with information about the health crisis that results from being overweight and out-of-shape. We all know that obesity is the leading driver of health costs—much of which is borne by employers. Though we think about it, talk about it and even wring our hands about the problem, who does anything to solve the issue really?

Heather does.

She took a spare office and with a few hundred dollars for very basic exercise equipment created a gym. Then, she hired a personal trainer to come in several mornings a week to lead those who were interested through an exercise program. This was a purely voluntary program mind you, but she has 100% participation.

What is the result?  Heather told me that the feeling of teamwork and camaraderie had really gone to a new level. Interesting. She also said that there had been a very noticeable improvement in productivity. Fascinating. Oh, and she reported that everyone said they felt better, had lost some weight and really enjoyed the workout sessions. 

What did all these positives costs?  Less than $200 a week!

There’s lots of talk about “corporate wellness.”  Not a lot of action. Small business people wonder how they can even compete with the elaborate gyms, trainers and other wellness resources that big companies tout. So, they do nothing.

Heather took action, and by all appearances, has created some great results!