Don’t Worry – Focus!

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A friend recently said to me that during his devotional, he had read something that was incredibly impactful. It was this statement: “Worry is a waste of imagination.” This is a quote from the late, great Walt Disney.

Growth Agent Insight - Worry and Focus

Advice from Walt Disney

That quote resonated with me immediately because I'm always telling people, "don't borrow trouble; don't worry about things."

Worry and Focus

I make a practice in my own life of worrying only about the things that I can control. But I find that people who are struggling to break out of something, those who are trying to get to another level, those who are interested in starting a new business, for example, are so paralyzed by fear that worry comes and they can’t take action and can’t move forward.

But the truth is that worry is a failure of imagination. It is also a misplacement of what you should focus on. Focus on what's in front of you that is an opportunity, and let the worries take care of themselves.