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June 20, 2013

Gratitude for Your Attitude!

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Have you ever been sitting in your office, the phone isn’t ringing, sales aren’t happening and you’re feeling a little – low?  Well, if you haven’t found yourself in that situation you are an unusual agency owner!  I have a wonderful solution for getting out of that funk and back in to the flow.

Let’s stop a moment and count our blessings!

That’s right, at a time when things don’t seem to be what we wish they were if we simply stop and focus on what we already have we will unleash a powerful motivator for activity and change.  My suggestion is not to do this in some haphazard manner but make a list!

Write down everyone and everything you can think of for whom or which you feel gratitude.  Large or small count them all!  Then out next to the name write why?

This technique is so powerful that Dan Sullivan, the developer of The Strategic Coach, a program that works with successful entrepreneurs to help them grow has written a book about it.  It’s called The Gratitude Principle. He even has a workbook to help guide you through unlocking the power of gratitude.  Both are available here:

If you can spend one hour making a list I promise you will feel so encouraged, so full of energy and so full of enthusiasm about your situation you will be unable to keep it to yourself!  So don’t!  Go express that thankfulness to others! 

The mere process of focusing on gratitude will get your life and your business moving again.  And you will find the results with your family, friends and customers simply amazing.