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Make More Happen


Your vote could mean $10,500 for The Keith Boyd Foundation from Safeco Insurance

Just one click from you could help The Keith Boyd Foundation win up to $10,500 from Safeco Insurance. That’s right — just one click.

OAA Selected for Safeco Insurance® Make More Happen Award

OAA has been selected for a Safeco Insurance® Make More Happen Award because of our volunteer service with The Keith Boyd Foundation. The award comes with a $3,000 donation from Safeco Insurance for The Keith Boyd Foundation, and entry in the Safeco Insurance Make More Happen Contest.

The Keith Boyd Foundation is changing the world’s perception of people with non-verbal special needs by guiding families through the process of obtaining augmentative communication devices.

Your Vote Helps OAA

Your votes could help The Keith Boyd Foundation receive even more money from Safeco! Here’s how it works:

  • The public gets to vote for their favorite agency-and-charity team featured in the Make More Happen Contest.
  • If the total votes cast during the contest reach or exceed the vote goal, all charities featured in the contest will receive an additional $500 donation from Safeco Insurance.
  • The three agency-charity teams with the most votes will win additional donations from Safeco for each charity. First place gets $10,000, second place $5,000, and third place $3,000.

At OAA, we strongly believe in supporting our community — and dedicated organizations like The Keith Boyd Foundation help make Oklahoma a better place for all of us. We’re particularly proud we have been recognized with the Safeco Insurance Make More Happen Award because Keith and his foundation are truly inspiring and a blessing to so many families.

Please help make more happen for our community by voting today at:


More About Make More Happen

Of course, all of the Make More Happen Award winners deserve to be celebrated, so when you visit the contest site, take a little time to read about the great work they all do and cheer on those that inspire you. Be sure to leave a “cheer” or a positive comment for The Keith Boyd Foundation and OAA! We hope you’ll come away inspired to make a difference.

To find out how you can get involved with The Keith Boyd Foundation go to:

Voting in the Make More Happen Contest begins at 12 p.m. October 26 and continues until 12 p.m. November 16. You can vote once every 24 hours throughout the contest and “cheer” as often as you like!