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March 28, 2013

The Secret to Sales Success

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It’s funny how obvious truth sticks with you, isn’t it? 

Over 30 years ago I read the book “How to Master the Art of Selling” by the great sales coach Tom Hopkins.   Perhaps you’ve read it, too. 

I don’t remember very much about what Tom said in that book (maybe I should go back and read it again!) but I remember a great story he told. 

A young man, just starting out in his selling career goes to see a master salesman.  This man was widely celebrated for his sales success.  The young man asked, “What must I do to be a successful salesman?”

Pausing thoughtfully for a moment, the grizzled veteran then drew a picture for the young man.


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 Every Day!

The rookie stared at the picture for a long time, not wanting to admit he didn’t know what it meant.  Finally, he asked, “What does it mean?”

The old man said simply, “The secret to sales success is to see twenty people, belly to belly, every day”!

Regardless of whether you need to see two or twenty, being in front of people is the most important thing in creating sales.  Activity is the key!

You can be the best closer in the world, know all the answers to all the objections every devised, have the cheapest price, the best product, the slickest advertising, the best staff… but you’ve got to be in front of people for it to matter. 

Activity drives sales.