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November 6, 2014

The Law of Precession

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Topic: Company Newsroom Grow an Agency

You may remember from high school or college that a law in physics is something that is always true.  In physics the law of precession says that any action on a spinning object results in that object moving 90 degrees away from the force exerted on it.

Hold on.  I’m not trying to bore you!

If we stop and think about the typical day in an insurance agency things are spinning aren’t they?  The phones are ringing, the email is dinging, the staff is scrambling…definitely a spinning operation!

The law of precession, in physics, is what makes a gyroscope possible.  Remember those little spinning toys you had as a kid that you could get to balance on a string?  Well, the same device, a gyroscope, is used in airplanes to make instruments the tell the pilot where he is, whether he’s flying straight and so forth work.  Interestingly, the instruments are all built at right angles to the instrument panel because of this law of precession.

Why am I going on about this?

The point is that when you take action in your agency you don’t always get the results you expect.  For example, if you push on a beehive the bees are going to fly in a direction different than you expect.  Now bees fly out to flowers to get nectar.  That’s their job.  But what happens when they land on a bunch of flowers is that they drag pollen along with them.  This “pollinates” the plants.  The bees don’t intend to do this but there is a terrific added benefit as a result.

The main thing is that if the bees weren’t in motion nothing would happen.  Not the results they expect or the results that benefit everyone else.

If you have plans to grow your agency you are going to push on a lot of things aren’t you?  Certainly you will.  Sometimes you are going to get results you don’t expect!  Usually those results are good things.

The point is that you have to be in motion for those things to happen.  So, to make things happen GET IN MOTION!