I’ve been writing a lot this year about online marketing, networking, social media and related subjects.


Because, as I’ve pointed out, the future of business is there and without being effective in that arena an insurance agency won’t reach its potential and likely won’t survive. BUT! I’m very aware that owners of small businesses wear many hats and just getting your feet wet online can be a daunting task. 

I’d like to refer you to another marketing blogger, George Nordhaus, who posts a weekly blog on marketing that I find really useful. He also sells agency Internet solutions if you’re interested. His address is www.agenciesonline.biz

In a recent blog he interviewed three people, experts in the field, on social networking.  I found the interview very engaging. He also provided a great workbook, “Planning Your Digital Presence: 2014.” I encourage you to download it and take a look.

The workbook will hold your hand as you step through the process of building your digital image. But, it’s more than that—it’s a great primer on marketing. I highly recommend it.