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September 3, 2019

SIAA’s Virtual Conference – The Must-Attend Event on the Future of Insurance Distribution

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Topic: SIAA Company Newsroom

In 2015, I attended Peter Diamandis’ Abundance 360 conference in person and sat with people from Philadelphia and northern California who were sitting in their offices. It was my first experience with a “digital” meeting.

Since then I’ve seen the increasing use of digital meetings, which not only promise, but deliver:

  •  Time efficiency - there is no travel required!
  • Attendance efficiency - attend the parts you want with no downtime.
  • Tremendous cost savings - there is no travel expense and no wasted time.
  • Engagement - though you’re not physically there, you are still engaged in the conference.

Taking Digital to the Next Level

Since 2015, I’ve dreamed of participating in a digital conference on the future of insurance distribution. I’ve considered how my company might host such an industry-wide opportunity. I’m very excited that on September 17th my partners, Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance (SIAA), is hosting “IA Evolve” as a digital conference on the future of insurance distribution.

SIAA to host "IA Evolve" Digital Conference

The conference features a host of insuretech companies, forward-leaning insurance carriers and thousands of independent insurance agents interested in building thriving agencies into the future.

Unlike many businesses that host meetings for their own benefit, SIAA is putting on “IA Evolve” for the entire industry. Even our competitors are invited to attend, participate and benefit. John F. Kennedy is credited with saying, “a rising tide lifts all boats,” and SIAA is putting that wisdom to work to benefit everyone involved in insurance distribution, as all of us confront a changing landscape in our industry.

The agenda is packed! There is something there of value for every agency and every person working in our industry. I believe there is much there to be learned for people in the captive and exclusive agent industry as well.

Please check out IA Evolve and plan to attend. You can learn more at