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April 23, 2015

Pay for Performance

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Topic: Insurance Agency Management Start an Agency Grow an Agency

If you are trying to grow your agency it is critically important to realize that your pay plan has to match your goals. In many agencies this is not the way it works.

For example. Do you have producers? If you have sales people do they get the same commission on renewal business as on new business? That’s crazy! Renewals require very little sales effort. They require nurture. Pay the nurturers to renew business and sales people to go get new business.

Do you pay your CSR’s a bonus based on retention of customers? Perhaps you should. They would then be incentivized to keep every single one of them.

Do you want to account round? Then pay your producers a little more for each piece of business they write for a customer. For example, why not pay 20% for a monoline account, 25% for an account with 2 policies, 30% for an account with 3 policies, 35% for 5 and so on?

There are lots of ways to skin a cat. The point is to really think through what your pay plan incentivizes and be sure it is incentivizing the right things.