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February 17, 2016

Like to Be in Two Places at Once?

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One of the challenges of being an insurance agency owner is there is never enough of me! So many times my team or I really need to be in multiple places in the same day to do a great job for customers, but fitting everything in is impossible.

Are there times in your business when you think it would help cement a relationship, or improve it, if you could have a key team member – your commercial CSR for example – in a closing call with you? Would it help if the prospector customer could meet face to face with the person they will be working with? Of course it would!

How about when you are on vacation but need to attend a meeting at the office? Or a crisis develops and you really need to be there, but can’t? The examples are endless,and now there’s a solution. Meet the Kubi and the Beam Plus. They are different versions of a “telepresence robot” that lets you to be somewhere you’re not. Unlike a telephone call, you can see everything , move around and interact with people just like you were there in person.

The Beam Plus is the larger robot and can move around by your command. Check it out here: The Kubi is much more portable. You can see it in action here: Both devices are inexpensive. A completely equipped Kubi costs under $1,000 and a Beam Plus costs only $2,500. Our sales and agency development team now carries Kubis because they are so portable. Someone in our office can join conversations remotely with prospects and agency members. Kubis help deepen our interactions and involvement.

I have used a Beam Plus, and it is dirt simple. Interacting using these devices seems a bit odd at first, but quickly becomes quite natural.  Technology increases opportunities to build and scale our businesses, and telepresence robots are great tools for agents. Check them out and let me know what you think.