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August 10, 2020

Start an Insurance Agency as an OAA Member and Grow Fast

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OAA membership is not just for large agencies hoping to increase their profit-sharing - OAA membership is great for both independent and captive agents wanting to start a small business and grow their agencies into profitable, stable income sources. Helping agents become independent and supporting small agencies as they grow is built into our DNA.

Some people join because they are ready to start brand-new, growth-driven agencies, while others are prepared to transform their existing businesses into new independent agencies. This is a very exciting time in the insurance industry, and whether you’re starting a business, going into sole proprietorship, or hoping to take your insurance business up a few notches, OAA is the ideal support network to help you reach your goals through coaching, mentorship, training and of course access to insurance products and carriers you may not have been able to reach otherwise.

Joining OAA provides independent insurance agents with the connections to insurance carriers they need to meet their goals… and much more. GET STARTED! Start an independent insurance agency today.

Why Join OAA?

Independent insurance agents start an agency to work on their own because they want the freedom of making all their own decisions. However, independent agents often find themselves working alone, without any support and without access to some of the biggest and most profitable carriers and insurance products in the market. OAA changes all of that.

When an independent insurance agent joins OAA, they still get all the benefits of being independent, but now they have the support of a whole network of agents. Besides giving you access to more insurance carriers, better commissions, and profit-sharing, we help your agency grow through training, coaching, marketing, and many more benefits.

OAA Highlight - Start an Agency

OAA members don’t just experience an increase in agency income and value, but they also receive bonuses, participate in profit sharing, and take part in specialized training programs on various types of insurance. 

We provide a home to “captive agents” who are looking to become independent as well as independent agents who are ready for the support of a great network. We will help you change you mindset from a captive one to an entrepreneurial, smart, data-based decision-maker who is ready to succeed in the tough industry of insurance.

OAA understands agents’ and carriers’ needs. We provide opportunities for independent agents to break into markets and sell products from insurance companies they never thought were accessible to small vendors. 

We are the one solution for the independent insurance agent.


In the past, independent agents had to learn everything on their own, but OAA offers high-quality coaching from experienced agents, who can advise you on your business plan, specific insurances such as Errors and Omissions, and anything else you need advice on.

Carrier Access

With OAA, independent insurance agents no longer have to struggle to gain access to carriers because the nation’s top carriers view OAA’s members as valued partners. This is because we are not just an aggregator - we encourage and nurture growth in all our member agencies.


Our education programs, including the Agency Foundation Program and the Business Insurance Advantage Program, provide independent insurance agent members with the knowledge needed to add new clients to their book of business, reduce expenses, increase revenues, and much more.


You, the independent insurance agent, are no longer marketing on your own: an OAA membership gives you access to marketing databases and tools that non-members don’t have. There’s strength in numbers and growing together!

Revenue Opportunities

Independent insurance agents can see big changes by gaining access to more carriers, joining Associates Premium Finance Company, and finding many other ways to increase revenue.

Start Your Independent Insurance Agency Today

OAA believes in collaboration, because collaboration makes a world of difference when it comes to growing your independent insurance agency. We leave the part of selling insurance up to our members, since that’s what they do best and they love to do. You manage your own office space, staff, and agency management system, and focus on increasing your sales and book of business. On our side, we are busy doing what we love to do: providing management expertise, meaningful partnerships with other agencies, and access to profit-sharing revenue.

You can start growing your independent insurance agency today by joining OAA. You get to experience all the benefits of independence without the drawbacks. Make your own decisions, control your future, and partner with OAA to grow your independent agency.

Tony Caldwell is a modern “renaissance man,” who is not only immensely successful in the field of insurance, but is also a writer, children’s advocate, mentor and even a licensed pilot.

Always keen on helping others make their dreams come true, Tony and his team have helped independent agents grow into more than 250 independent agencies. This has made OAA the number one ranked Strategic Master Agency of SIAA for the last 5 years, and one of Oklahoma's 25 Best Companies to Work for.

Tony loves to share his knowledge, insight and wisdom through his bestselling books as well as in free mediums including podcasts and blogs.

Tony and his family are members of Crossings Community Church, and he is very active in community initiatives: he’s chairman of It’s My Community Initiative, Inc., a nonprofit working with disadvantaged people in Oklahoma City; and chairman of the Oklahoma Board of Juvenile Affairs., and he has served through many other organizations including the Salvation Army, Last Frontier Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and the Rotary Club.

In his spare time, Tony enjoys time with his family. He’s also an active outdoorsman and instrument-rated commercial pilot.