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August 10, 2016

You Rock!

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I’ve written here before about the importance of being grateful for the business and blessings we receive as we go through our daily work and lives. The power of "gratitude" is amazing and it’s a gift we give ourselves.

The power of “thank you” is also incredible, it’s the gift we give to others, as a result of the gratitude gift we’ve already received.

The Power of Gratitude 

In the accompanying video OAA member Jimmy Eubanks shows all of us the power of gratitude, thank you, and enthusiasm.  His message to the team at OAA is simple, direct and very inspiring.  I hope you enjoy it.


Gratitude from OAA

At OAA we are focused on helping our members make their dreams come true.  Our work is often, well, work.  But the reason we do it, and do it here, is our passion for making a difference.  We believe in what we do, and appreciate the internal reward that brings, but we get really fired up when we receive the gift of thank you.  So, Jimmy, thanks for saying thank you!

I’ll bet in your organization you have similar things that drive you.  I hope you’ll watch Jimmy’s short video and feel the power of thank you and of gratitude. Is this how customers think about you?  Is this how you feel about them?  Then let me encourage you to share it!

Thank you Jimmy, for being such a great member of OAA, for being a caring and creative insurance agent and agency owner and for being a powerful inspiration to me, our team and many many others!  YOU rock!