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January 27, 2015

Successful OAA Team Meetings Underway

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We had a terrific team meeting in our business yesterday.  Our Vice President of Corporate Communications, LeAnn Sanderson, led our team in reflecting on the accomplishments of the past years.  This exercise, in itself, isn't remarkable as it's fairly commonplace in American business (although if you don't do it I HIGHLY recommend that you do) but what we did after listing our achievement was.

Reflection on Year's Accomplishment at OAA

I'm proud to say that after we brainstormed what we did last year we had quite a list.  It was a year full of progress!  But - LeAnn then asked us to do something a little different.  She asked us to think about the people that we would want to thank for helping us in our work and career journeys during the past year.  We took 5 minutes to quickly jot down some notes.

Reflection on Gratitude

Then we had the opportunity to say thanks to those that had had the most impact.  Well, that turned out to be remarkable!

As we went around the room there was genuine gratitude.  There was heartfelt expression of admiration.  There was recognition that we need help along the way to be our best.  There was an understanding in the room that we are a unique group of people with great human beings who want to, and do, make a difference in each other's lives as well as careers.

Successful Meeting to Start the Year

What a fabulous way to start a new year!  How incredibly motivating it is to know that you do make a difference in the lives you spend so much of your time with. It seems to me that recognition, and expression such as this cannot help but propel each of us forward to even more achievement.

How do you start the year in your business?  There are lots of great ways but if you are interested in trying something with real impact you might consider LeAnn's.