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August 7, 2014

100 Members and Counting

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I’d like to ask you to join me in celebrating a very significant milestone in the development of our company.

Recently, we added the 100th member insurance agency to our organization!

Celebrating Success as a Team

This is a tremendous accomplishment for our team because it represents the culmination of years of hard work, dedication and commitment to our vision that it was possible.  It’s a little bit like winning the state championship too.  It’s a team victory but it’s also an individual victory for every person who made a contribution to make it possible.

Like any achievement ours had a fair amount of trial, error and failure along the way.  We’ve made countless adjustments to our strategies, marketing, service and sales efforts as we have grown and developed as a company.  We’ve also had our share of failures.  What I’m proud of is that as a group when we’ve failed or fallen short of what we wanted to accomplish we’ve picked ourselves up and tried again.

OAA Team Defines Success

This is what defines success!  We were successful long before we hit this remarkable number because of the character of the people on the team.  As I look at each of the people who made this achievement possible I can say that I am prouder of each of them than I am of obtaining the goal.

When you have this kind of group anything is possible.  Whatever you can dream can be achieved.  We have decided that we can grow much more than we have.  We want to impact the lives of many more entrepreneurial insurance agencies than we have so far.  We want to grow as people and as a company and we want to have fun doing it.

I think that our next 100 members will come much much faster than the first!