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Why OAA?

We can help, that’s why!

For over I 0 years, OAA has played an integral role in the success and growth of dozens of member agencies, all of which possess an entrepreneurial spirit. OAA consists of start-up agenciesexisting agencies looking to grow, direct writers and captive agentslife and financial service agencies that would like to diversify and producers who wish to own their own agencies.

We’ve helped them, and we can help you too!


What better reason to join the alliance?



We Make Agencies More Money

  • with the highest commission contracts available
  • with unmatched local , regional and national profit sharing with no minimum volume requirements
  • with unheard of local, regional and national production bonuses and incentives
  • with the most lucrative premium finance program available

We Help Agencies Grow

  • with the best, most competitive insurance companies
  • with state of the art training
  • with Access to exclusive specialty programs
  • with a dedicated team to help writing hard to place risks
  • with outstanding affordable marketing programs and materials
  • with online lead generation programs

We Make Agencies Profitable

  • With amazing automation and rating software discounts
  • With referral fee programs for life insurance, glass replacement, fire recovery and other services
  • With agency management and sale consulting services available free to members

We Make Agencies More Valuable

Simply stated. When and agency’s income grows, and it’s bottom line grows, and the quality of it’s insurance carriers increases, and when it’s retention improves with more stability, and it is affiliated and sharing success with dozens of agencies, it’s worth more!

We do all these things while you remain independent!