Meet Our Team

Mitchell Brown

Chief Operations Officer



Throughout a wide ranging career that has spanned over two decades and five continents Mitch always bring a high level of experience and success in every endeavor. He has built and implemented successful marketing campaigns, strategies, and product launches; Government Organizations, Insurance Organizations, University Programs, Political Campaigns and Non-Profit Groups. With over 20 years of experience in management; consulting, leading, training and mentoring a diverse group of Soldiers, Government Officials, Students, Business Leaders, and Philanthropists.

Whether it was a village outside of Baghdad, teaching at the University level, or in a boardroom Mitch doesn't give up and triumphs in each stage.

• Awarded 3 Bronze Stars, The Purple Heart and an Army Commendation with Valor for actions in Iraq
• Inducted into the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club designed as a recognition for the top 1% of NCO Leaders in the Army
• Helped the K-State ROTC program to be one of the top rated programs in the country through curriculum development, budget management, recruiting, and training

Today Mitch brings that experience and drive for success to a diverse group of business leaders.