Meet Our Team

Karen Youngblood

Chief Learning Officer



Q: If you could only tell people one thing about the company, what would it be?

I don’t know what any Independent Agency would do business without us! If you understood what we do and the power we create for you, there is no way you would go another day without our being partners together!



Karen is dedicated to creating a world-class learning platform with 24/7 access for members, with reliable and relevant education and training opportunities. This will provide options that help our members grow their business and create their own niche and relevance in today’s ever-changing business climate. 

She joined OAA in early 2019 after spending 14 years as executive director of customized education at the University of Central Oklahoma. In addition to her educational expertise, she’s filled various roles in corporate, nonprofit, and public education over the past 30 years.

Through her experience with us, Karen doesn’t understand why an independent insurance agency wouldn’t want to do business with OAA, considering the power created when agencies join.

Among too many service organizations to mention (including the Rotary Club and Urban League), Karen is a member of the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs board. She holds an AA in business administration, a BS in business management and a Masters of Education in Adult Education and Training.

A self-described “generation junkie,” Karen loves to, “Read, study, listen and give presentations about anything related to the multiple generations in our workplaces and lives today.”